9 Reasons to Buy a Home Right Now

    Colorado 9 Reasons

    Have you been thinking about buying a home? Now is the right time. There are many reasons why owning a home in Denver and the surrounding area is a great idea. Here are the top nine reasons.

    • Interest rates are low, but on the rise – Even a half of a percentage rate can increase your monthly payment.

    • Home values are rising – Take advantage of the current home prices now and watch your home value grow.

    • Rental rates are high – Thinking of renting instead of buying? A home mortgage is often less expensive than paying rent. Meet with a House Hunters Colorado team member first. We can connect you with a lender and find you a home that meets your budget.

    • Create a stable investment and gain equity – A home is a wise investment. As you pay your house, you are paying on a longterm investment and gaining equity.

    • Tax deductions – Owning a home can create many tax deductions. Ask your accountant for details.

    • Stability – A home creates stability for you and your family.

    • Pride in homeownership – Take pride in a home that you own.

    • Freedom to make home modifications – Let your creativity shine! When you own, you can paint, decorate, add a deck, landscape… it’s your decision. When renting, you are limited to what the landlord allows.

    • Develop roots in a community – Put roots down and develop community ties that can last a lifetime!


    Contact House Hunters CO today and we’ll guide you through the home purchase process. We are experts in the Denver Area Real Estate Market. Whether you are looking to buy in Arvada, Boulder, Superior or other cities, we are proven experts in the Denver metro area home market.

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