9 Ways to Make a Small Home Look Bigger

    1. pexels-photo-29907Get rid of clutter – Go through your items. Make piles for throw away items, give away items and items to keep. Then go through the items that you will keep and put some of them in storage.
    2. Paint the the walls – Lighter hues do wonders and make the area seem more spacious.
    3. Storage – Downsize the amount of furniture you have in rooms, especially the smallest room.
    4. Include one large piece in the room – Use scale and proportion, by utilizing one large piece of furniture in the room and arrange around it.
    5. Rearrange furniture – Arrange the seating around a focal point. Start with the largest piece, like the sofa and the continue from there.
    6. Use mirrors – Mirrors can be a great focal point in a room. Use a medium sized mirror to reflect natural light in a room.
    7. Window treatments – Add curtains in a color similar to the wall paint.
    8. Take advantage of natural light – Letting in natural light can make a room brighter and feel more open.
    9. Use small prints or plain colors – Using a lot of bold colors and loud prints can make a room look smaller. Try only adding a bright color as an accent piece, like a throw pillow. 
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