Denver Home Staging – Staging a Living Room

    About to put your house on the market? Showcasing your Denver home is important. Staging a living room is the perfect first step to presenting your home in the best light.

    Look at the difference a great job of staging a living room can make. Can you pick out the changes?

    BEFORE                                                                                                                                                       AFTER

    Staging a Living Room

    Staging a Living Room In Denver








    Important factors and step to make when staging a living room:

    • Declutter – Toys, papers, knick knacks, books and odds and ends need to removed, stored or donated.
    • Lighting – Open the drapes, clean the windows – let in that natural light. Also place lamps in strategic spots to make it more bright and appealing.
    • Clean – Conduct a thorough cleaning, like you were spring cleaning. Even shampoo the carpets or polish floors.
    • Find a focal point in the room like a picture window or fireplace and rearrange furniture with that focal point in mind. Create furniture groupings with a clean and direct pathway to walk.
    • Openness – Create an open, spacious feel. Maximize the space.
    • Paint – Fresh paint with a neutral color goes a long way.
    • Depersonalize – Your family vacation photos are beautiful, but it creates a distraction for potential buyers. It also makes it harder for them to picture the house as theirs.

    When listing a house with us, we offer complimentary instructions and advice on staging all parts of your home. Contact us today to learn more.

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