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    Union Station Denver Nextdoor Neighborhood App

    How to get to know your neighbors in Downtown Denver or anywhere in the Denver Metro?

    Are you looking for a way to get more social with your Denver neighbors in LoDo, Downtown, the Highlands or basically anywhere? With social interaction happening more and more online, it can be difficult to get to know your local neighborhood residents and activities especially in a city like Denver where many people are new to the area. A great way to get social with local residents is called Nextdoor. It’s a free private social network for your neighborhood community.  Whether you are looking for a garage sale, community grill out, crime watch or babysitter, Nextdoor provides the online outlet for these needs and more. Some say that it makes their neighborhood safer by allowing neighbors to update each other with suspicious activity in real time. Nextdoor helps you stay in the know with the latest happenings in your neck of the woods and allows neighbors to interact with one another plus will allow you to interact with nearby neighborhoods as well! It’s simple and easy to sign up. Go to the Nextdoor website and find your neighborhood. You can also download an app on your phone as well on Android Apps on Google Play  or on  App Store on iTunes. Next you will be asked to verify you live in the community:

    • With a phone call to either your mobile phone or your landline – Free and instant
    • With your credit or debit card – Free and instant
    • With your Social Security Number – Free and instant
    • With your email address via LexisNexis – Free and instant
    • With a postcard sent to the address you registered with – Free, but takes a few days

    The Union Station Neighborhood includes parts of Downtown Denver and LoDo and Riverfront. Some general postings in the Union Station Neighborhood Nextdoor are about:

    • Missing pets
    • Home repair needs and request for recommendations
    • Creating a local sports league
    • Free items or for sale items
    • Police Alerts for any criminal activity

    Here are some LoDo, Rino, or in the Highlands Neighborhoods to join:

    If you live in Denver or any other city and are looking for a way to interact with your neighbors, Nextdoor is worth taking the time to sign up for. Enjoy getting to know your neighborhood online and helping one another!


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