A Pre-listing Home Inspection Could Save a Sale

    Prelisting inspection in Denver


    A pre-listing home inspection helps a seller be proactive, especially in the Denver housing market. Below are reasons a pre-home inspection benefits sellers and saves them money!

    When putting your home on the market you want to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Opting for pre-listing inspection can put you ahead of the game by being prepared with the knowledge of the condition of your home. You may not be aware of, or have overlooked, updates and repairs to your home. The problems you weren’t aware of could cost you a potential buyer, if they find a deal breaker during the home inspection. Pre home inspections can save you money during the negotiations since many times the cost of these items to be fixed can be inflated.


    Some of the benefits of pre-home inspections are:


    • Price your home accordingly – After your Realtor compares comps and reviews the local home prices in the area, a pre-home inspection will help price your home competitively. This could mean a possibly higher price.
    • Prepare your home for sale – Get on the fast track to selling your home and making sure the accepted offer price is not negotiated lower for repairs.
    • Let buyers know upfront the condition of the home – Buyers will appreciate having full knowledge of the home especially if you provide this to the potential buyers. This could help you get a higher asking price.
    • Fix deal breakers – Avoid a buyer backing out due to unforeseen inspection repairs.
    • Avoid stress – Help reduce home selling stress. Moving is already a stressful without added complications during the transaction so having a pre-home inspection will give you peace of mind that extra work to the home doesn’t have to be done at an uncompromising time. 

    A pre-inspection should be one of the first steps when selling your home. Talk with one of our House Hunters Colorado team members today to get started. Call us for more information on how to prepare your home for sale! 720-938-4343


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